Geophysical Survey

Geophysical survey can provide meaningful underwater and underground information in the whole project cycle.


EdgeTech 4125i Side Scan Sonar
Innomar SES-2000 Sub-Bottom Profiler
G-882 Marine Magnetometer

Side Scan Sonar(SSS) Survey can detect the objects on the seabed and report the material and size. It can also distinguish the types of seabed sediments. EdgeTech 4125i Side Scan Sonar(400/900kHz) is an excellent tool for survey work in shallow water , providing an ideal combination of range and resolution. At 900kHz, Operating Range is 120m and Resolution Across Track is 1cm.

Marine Seismic Reflection Survey can detect the objects under seabed, such as pipeline, cable, buried shipwreck, etc. It is also used to study geological conditions before commencement of marine works, such as level of bed rock, change in baseline of reclamation layer, sedimentary stratification, etc. Innomar SES-2000 Sub-Bottom Profiler(SBP) is a single channel parametric system. Using the parametric (nonlinear) acoustical effect, it achieves an excellent resolution with ideal penetration depth.

Marine Magnetometer Survey can detect ferromagnetic objects on and under seabed, such as anchor, UXO, pipeline, cable, shipwreck, etc. It is often used to conduct site condition survey before commencement of marine works. G-882 Marine Magnetometer is a Cesium Vapor system with less than 2nT absolute accuracy and can acquire up to 20 samples per second.


TVG-63 Three Component Seismograph
Proceq GS8000

Land Seismic Survey can detect underground structures, such as tunnel, pile, cavity, etc. It is also used to study geological conditions before commencement of projects, such as fault fracture zone, stratigraphic distribution, level of bed rock, etc. Survey methods include Multichannel Seismic Reflection, Multichannel Seismic Refraction, Active Source Multichannel Surface Wave(MASW) Survey, Passive Source Multichannel Surface Wave Survey(Microtremor Survey), etc. TVG-63 3C Seismograph is a new generation of compact all-in-one 3-channel intelligent node-type seismograph that integrates multiple types of seismic sensors, high-performance datalogger, GNSS high-precision time service, intelligent status and anti-theft monitoring, 4G/5G IoT module, high-energy lithium ion battery, charge and discharge control. A single seismograph can realize all functions of seismic observation, such as sensing, acquisition, monitoring, storage, transmission, timing, power supply, etc.

Ground-Penetrating Radar(GPR) Survey can be used to detect underground objects, such as drainage channel, pipeline, cable, pile, tree roots, etc. The Proceq GS8000 is a light weight and easy to use Ground-Penetrating Radar device. It produces high resolution scans using a stepped frequency antenna which covers a frequency range of 40 MHz to 3.4 GHz. The Proceq GS8000 utility scanner offers superior clarity of data and improved depth penetration, thanks to the unique stepped frequency antenna. It is optimized for closely-spaced and deep targets alike.



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