Metocean Survey

Nortek AWAC
Valeport Tidemaster Portable Tide Gauge

Metocean Survey is used to estimate environmental conditions, including wind, atmospheric pressure, wave, current, tide, turbidity, temperature, salinity, etc, which can provide valuable information for coastal and offshore projects. Based on statistical analysis of these data, the most suitable choice can be made for the needs of the projects.

Nortek AWAC ADCP can measure current profiles and directional waves in real time simultaneously, which can be mounted on both a fixed base frame and a floating platform on the sea surface.

The AML Multiparameter Logger Instrument can be equipped with sensors of various parameters including Sound Velocity, Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity. These parameters can be recorded and stored in the AML Logger and downloaded via WiFi.

Valeport Tidemaster Portable Tide Gauge can measure tide with Radar technology. It can provide accurate results with high resolution. Combined with
network transmission equipment, it can upload the tide data to the server in real time.



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